Monday, December 16, 2013

an update...

you can expect this to be a scattered post about everything since SO much has happened over the past few months. to start, our little lady turned ONE YEAR OLD on October 3rd!!! We had a little celebration at our home with cake and presents and then spent the weekend in lovely Savannah, Georgia. 

she has changed so much from these pictures - she has more hair now (a mullet really) and she is WALKING which has been a grand adventure for all of us. 

  • Hazel and I have been icky sick off and on for a few weeks now. tis'  the season ;) we've been beating it back with essential oils and raw honey. not sure why that deserved a bullet point except to give a shout out to all the simultaneously sick mamas and babies out there. we feel your pain. 
  • we've been dreaming up plans for building a furlough home in WA on our family's land. if you follow me on pinterest this should give some insight to the madness ;) we want to build a small, barn home which is a really cost effective way to build a quality living space (think converted barn home done right). anyway, we are really hopeful and will be flagging the property over christmas. (woohoo!! // this is really happening // we are crazy) 
  • we leave for Seattle this friday. we'll spend a week there with family before Ryan flies back to SC for work and Hazel and I fly on to TX to see my family. gosh, we are just SO. EXCITED. to see family. traveling with Hazel has been fairly easy up to this point, but i'm nervous about keeping her occupied on my lap all those hours in the air. we're bringing a sticker book,  iPad and snacks. any other suggestions??

praying for richness in fellowship and experiences this season. praying for a renewed sense of hope in this life and longing for the age to come. merry christmas!


  1. I love you all three so much and feel so blessed. Also, so excited about your plans with the furlong house in WA. I will be praying for GOD to allow all things to fall into place. I am so happy for you .. Noelle, Ryan & Hazel. Love, Dad

  2. Hey so what about Georgia? (the country) Are your hearts still wanting to be there someday?

  3. precious! So good to see & hear from you :) Enjoy your time together!!! ps... you are missed here