Thursday, October 21, 2010

As for me and my house...

We will celebrate fall.
we will eat pumpkin bread.
we will wear fuzzy sweaters.
we will collect pretty orange leaves and tape them to the walls.
we will put an extra blanket on the bed at night.
we will drink apple cider like its water.
we will knit...i will knit. ryan will dodge the knitting needles i chunk across the room when i mess up and have a mini breakdown.
we will paint pumpkins. because we can't carve them.
because the pumpkins here are strange and gord like (and not really pumpkins, shhhh)
how the heck do you spell gord?
we will hide the Sufjan Christmas music and not find it till December.
we will scour every market in the city for uncommon baking supplies.
we will watch Anne of Green Gables and Jane Austinish movies.
we will give thanks :-)

October so far...

Ryan and Amy dazzled us with their musical abilities for the Baku Roasting Company's 2 year anniversary

my dear friend and tutor. she's a believer. she's a gem. she's going to change the world.

we went on a retreat to Sheki, a tourist village a few hours outside of Baku. it was so nice to get out of the city into open space and clean air.

knit my first 2 toned neck warmer

made fresh pumpkin puree to bake gobs of pumpkin goodness with


  1. yay! i'm so proud of the two toned knitty thingy!!! so cute! noelle, we seriously should join forces some day. seriously. any pom poms yet? i like the photos, i like the stuff you're doing, i like that you use the word 'chunk', i like jane austin (can we please watch some together when we're together please please) and i just like YOU!!! love hearing from you dear friend.

  2. chunk : ) i love it too.
    i'm glad your fall is full of goodies!
    mmmm pumpkin puree...i have been inspired.
    is it just me or does spring feel like it's just around the corner? goodness gracious...i hope christmas doesn't come and go without me noticing!
    lots of love