Thursday, February 17, 2011

sticks & string

so, I have 2 five million word papers to write before this weekend.
which, you know, is life.
but I've had about 3 weeks to work on them.
so today was my day to bust it.
I woke up
drank some tea with milk and sugar
which I prefer over coffee recently :-)
snuggled with husband
gave myself a pep talk
and then got to work
until husband walked out the door...10 minutes later
indulging myself with distractions has become sort of a REALLY bad habit of mine
though most days I like to refer to it as a hobby
so, with no husband to hold me accountable I thought to myself, today is the day. now is the time. I must take pictures of all of my projects. RIGHT NOW!
so I did
and tomorrow I will pay up with a rigid homework schedule
I also photographed my cat. just because he's cute.
no photographs please

bacon what?

I posted them all on fb, but here are some of my favorites
split pea soup

love those buttons

beginnings of a baby blanket

beginnings of MY baby blanket. these things take FOREVER

grandpa's old flannel button up

puff stitch neckwarmer


clarification: I did not make the placemat. some swedish person who works for some furniture store did. I just think these knitting needles are nifty lookin.
when husband got home I told him I played with my camera and made a portfolio instead of doing my homework, and his genuine reply was, oh really?! that's so awesome dear! I want to see!
again I say, what a keeper.


  1. So fun! I love all of your craftiness. Seriously such cute things! Very impressive. I tried knitting a few years ago and decided I would encourage my friends that are good at it and try later when my kids are older :) Love to you dear one...OH and how I wish you were dancing with this sweet group of girls with Aubrey, Blair, Meggie and would have fun :)

  2. ummm.... you have TOTALLY mastered some WAY cool knitting/crocheting styles. i LOVE it! you must be pretty hard at work at that stuff! i'm really impressed with how much you have on hand right now. i've been working on things for other people for a while and it's getting a little tiring/stressful. i think once i finish i'm going to say 'no' for a while and maybe make myself something. who knows. have fun with your homework tomorrow :)

  3. Hi Noelle! How fun :) I LOVE those headbands. You should start an etsy... {with all your extra time, ha!} I am sure it would be tough sending from where you are + expensive. Anyways, just wanted to say hi and that I think you are SUPER talented. Bless you!

  4. love your stuff :) im currently working on a baby afgan for a friend :)