Friday, August 5, 2011

Family Photos

A few wees ago a fabulous photographer and dear friend of mine, Emily Stephenson, took some updated family photos for us. Ryan and I are goofballs so we rarely make it through a photo shoot with even a few serious pictures to show for it. My vision for this shoot was for it to have a kind of grown up, timeless vibe. Ya know, something to hang on my walls that I wouldn't want to take down year after year as my style changes. We really had so much fun. Emily did a fantastic job of capturing serious moments through our quirkiness. Funny enough, my husband was pretty great at showing earnest expression in front of the camera, while I just laughed hysterically for no reason. He was a trouper for sure.
Check out Emily's blog

Perhaps next time we have our family photos taken there will be a snuggly lil muffin baby to go in the middle ;-)


  1. I just discovered your blog...and all of these wonderful photos. The style is just perfect! Little side note - I love the shoes you are wearing in the last few :)

  2. Beautiful photos, Noelle! I miss you guys! *hugs* --Bethany