Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New Roost

A few weeks ago we arrived safe and sound in the great state of South Carolina.
The interstate welcomed us with Cracker Barrel signs and announcements for farm fresh peaches.
As we drove through our peaceful neighborhood looking for our new home, I began to hear the silence that comes with every move.
The silence of starting over.
As much as I've trained myself to look at these times as new adventures, there is still an ache for something familiar, an ache for comfort.
And so I cry.
Then I run to the only truly consistent things in life, coffee, candles, a warm fuzzy blanket and the word of God- which somehow has the power to renew my spirit even when I have no clue what I'm reading.
I am reminded that just because its hard doesn't mean its not good.
In fact, most beautiful things in life contain a great deal of hard.
And so now we are settling.
Connecting with people at the church is a bit more difficult than we thought it would be. In short, there just aren't many people our age. I'm learning that my social interaction tank can be filled in a variety of ways- not just by like minded twenty-something married ladies.

My favorite part of our new location is the yard. It is altogether lovely.
We are already planning out raised beds for a veggie and flower garden in the spring. And I am secretly scheming how to fit chickens and goats into the equation.

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  1. YES! Chickens so you can have eggs whenever you want and goats for.... milk? haha. seriously, i can't wait to visit you guys. the yard looks stunning. can you please show pics of the inside of the house? i really want to see what a fully-Noelle house would look like. oh, and tell cranford i said hi. scratch behind his ears for me. we're starting to talk more seriously about our move coming up. crazy, huh? this will be the first time moving where we don't plan on uprooting for a few years. i don't even know what that looks like anymore. miss you noelle. so thankful for your friendship.