Tuesday, January 31, 2012

little triumphs

Sometimes, I get excited about the smallest things.
Does that ever happen to you?
Recently I've had these moments when I accomplish something kind of small and normal, and then I spend the next few seconds giving myself a mental pat on the back. It goes something like...

"i really really did it, i really really did it, i really really did it!"
kid history people. it's all the rage.

like using the crock pot once a week for the past few weeks.

and waking up early almost every morning to stretch. I almost typed pilates but I knew that would just be wrong.

and deciding that I'm going to start giving all the pieces in my shop names. Names of characters from old English novels, starting with Cranford. Sooooooooooo clever. That's what I told myself ;-) Until I remembered Miss Pole. Nothing says sweet baby headband like Miss Pole.

These are my little triumphs of late.

What are some of your little triumphs?

~ The Sophie ~


  1. now, don't get me wrong noelle, those triumphs sound pretty great... but miss pole!??! isn't she the really annoying character? i mean, she's a great actress and the part is well done, but seriously, her loud mouth ruins everything! oh man, we need to watch those together again. sigh. i miss cranford the rat too.

    1. Lindy you have to see return to Cranford. It's like six bucks on iTunes. My new all time favorite line-
      "I'm rather afraid it is a radish carved by my spouse into ornamental form."

  2. ok, i just looked at your shop and the major gordan is to die for! i love it! i need one of those in my life on some lil bundle!

  3. i heart the sophie... do i have one of those yet??? hmmm... if not, we will have to add that to little R's collection! Love the names, and all the little triumphs!

  4. Noelle every time I see the product of your amazing skills I want to crochet more!! Your shop is amazing and the names are super clever :)
    On another note, I was thinking back to the days we watched Downton Abbey and crocheted just the other day when I heard about all these awards for the show and how awesome it is :) Anyway, glad you are Ryan are doing well! The yarncrafts look AMAZING :)