Wednesday, March 21, 2012

instagram update

the beautiful yard we've been blessed with bursting with birds and flowers and life.
3 year anniversary celebration in Asheville, NC.
yummy strawberry banana nutella white chocolate crepes. sooo good. i love crepes!!
indoor plant life.
can you tell we kinda like plants and planting stuff?
starters for our garden. its gonna be a good one this year :-)
next on the list, chickens!! i can't wait to give them names :-)


  1. The yard looks like a lot of fun, and those plants look like their gonna be amazing! It's awesome you have the space to have a big garden :) What a beautiful Spring you have!

  2. everything looks lovely : ) chickens!!!! i'm so excited for you....i want to see pictures of you herding them around the yard. All of your plants make me think of the farmers won't be the same without you!

  3. yay! the much anticipated update. that yard does look fantastic. we'll both have to keep each other posted on our gardens. i'm sure our men will talk about it together a lot. when you come to visit PA we'll have to go to a place called 'rachel's crepes'. it's a parisian inspired crepe spot and it is delicious!!