Wednesday, May 30, 2012

babe on a budget: onsie diy

welcome to my new series!
~babe on a budget~
i've never done a series before, mainly because there's never been a real focus to this blog other than documenting life. but, this topic happens to be pretty relevant these days and i thought it would be fun to track our progress getting set for baby in a thrifty way.

first project: dressin' up onsies
i scoured pinterest for inspiration and found all kinds of nifty ideas.
one of my favorites was decorating things with felt.
i love felt! it's cheap, it comes in a bazillion different colors and it's got some structure so it's easy to work with (in my opinion)

onsies $10
felt $3
+ buttons, thread and fabric glue lying around the house

this was such a simple project. i cut out the shapes, tacked them with glue and stitched the edges.
the possibilities are endless and voila, you end up with four darling and unique onsies for the price of one!

(sorry, that one on the bottom is still drying)

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  1. super super cute Noellie!!! making clothing for little ones seems way more do-able and less daunting than for big people.