Saturday, October 20, 2012

1st family date

our first outing as a little family!!
hazel and i have been hiding indoors in our pajamas for two and a half weeks but today the weather was just gorgeous so we decided some brunch and a walk in the park was in order.

not pictured: a fussy baby, a grouchy mama, me retreating to the bathroom to nurse because i've yet to master the art of nursing discretely in public. and because i felt judged. even though there were like 2 other people in the whole place. and because i'm a chicken. 

i did, however, nurse her on our walk.
in the middle of a peach orchard. 
with not a soul in sight.
(pictured in black and white)
baby steps :)

p.s. we keep asking hazel if her ears stole her eyebrows, because while her eyebrows are non existent, her ears are still covered in newborn fuzz. we think it's pretty funny :)


  1. These photos are so awesome!!! Thanks for sharing. It looks like everybody had fun! See you soon :)

  2. so beautiful : ) and perfect. and lovely...even the grouchy-ness is lovely. you are blessed to be weak Noelle...such a perfect place to see Jesus from.

  3. Looks like you guys had a wonderful family outing! Don't worry I still haven't mastered the art of feeding in public either. I have nursed in a park but there was no one there. I will admit I still feel judged about it too! People are not very kind to such a natural and beautiful thing..

  4. I have a cover that I use! The month and a half if we went out I would pump a bottle. I hated nursing in public and Jeremiah was not a pro in the beginning so I had to use a shield for 6 or so weeks. And I struggled to nurse without the boppy. The first time I truly nursed in public and without the boppy was in downtown Boston on the Freedom Trail when he was 3 months old. It was soooo windy as keeping thy cover down was a chore! It gets better! Just continue to take baby steps and be confident. Let people judge! You are just nourishing your baby :)

  5. these are such lovely photos. that lil babe probably has a different homemade headband, hat or turban for every outfit :) i love it. you are beautiful noelle!

  6. Noelle your family is just so beautiful! I am so, so happy for you! I love Hazel's little yawn picture.. precious :)

  7. Such awesome pictures!! Haha yes Lindy, you know she does! Noelle, I'm so proud of you! Love you Peters, praying for strength and grace for each of you! <3

  8. Yeah, the whole nursing in public thing is a bit of a challenge. But it gets easier. I ended up in airports, restaurants, malls, you name it... And you also reach a point where you just think that people will get over it! Never forget the first time in Belgium when I saw someone nurse in the middle of church. No one blinked. Maybe our society will get there some day. Love to you all three!! can't wait to see you in a few months!

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