Monday, January 28, 2013

mama + baby monday

i have a pin board filled with beautiful photos of mamas and their babes and i realized, i should take my own!! i'd love to look back and have pictures of us together. and i might throw in a few with papa every now and then just for fun :)
so here we go, mama + baby monday
care to join??

p.s. these are from when she was first born. i'll normally keep them up to date, but i remembered that i never got around to posting these and i really like them. she's soo tiny!!


  1. haha...i did the same thing the other day : ) these are precious... I cried one day when I realized i barely had any pictures of me and selah when she was tiny...I was always the one behind the camera...I"m so glad you have these!

  2. i always think to myself, i need to take more pictures of us TOGETHER. such a great memory keeper.

  3. good to be aware of so I can make sure i get some of these precious shots :)