Thursday, February 7, 2013

filling up the days

one of my goals for this new year was to establish some kind of routine (we don't use the schedule word around here. waaaaaayyy out of our ballpark)
most days are spent going for walks around the neighborhood, maybe to the market if we're reeeaaal ambitious :) reading books, tummy time, nursing, napping, drinking tea, repeat.
she would be happy to spend her entire day in my arms, watching me one handedly grind coffee beans or fold laundry.
how do you make the most of your baby's waking hours?


  1. wow, that last one is sooo cute! i'm typing this one handed as my sweet israel falls asleep after nursing. i'm trying to soak up every bit of this cuddly season because i know it won't last. hazel is growing so quick, i can't believe it!

  2. : ) Those are such precious days! I feel like a 45 year old when I say it goes by sooooo fast. Somehow, I don't remember much about Selah's early days...I think it was the no sleeping part...but we did go to Trader Joes a lot : ) They knew us by name haha She looks so big in that last photo...what in the world. I need to meet your girl!

  3. love the last photo. she is so sweet. i read a lot of books to my kiddos, they love them

  4. noelle she is sooo beautiful!!!!! i just got finished unloading our dishwasher one-handed. but i love every minute of it!!!