Monday, March 11, 2013

sweet sunday

on sunday we recharged after a long week of Ryan working out of town (gone for 3 nights, whew!)
we went to the late service and ate burgers and sat in the sun and took an afternoon nap. 
also, while Hazel and papa were napping i snuck off to goodwill where a crazy old lady became obsessed with my skirt and followed me around as i shopped touching it and saying, "oh girrrl, some biiicycle showats unda theya would look so niiiice" 
hahahaha SO very odd!

our little lady is 5 months + a week old. 
still bald as can be but more personality than ever :)


  1. i love the black and white photo of ryan and hazel. so so sweet

  2. Her facial expression when she's standing up looks a ton like Ryan!

  3. oh my goodness! such a stylish lady! (both of you) these are some great shots.

  4. i can't get over the photo of ryan and hazel in black and white. Such a precious face! love all these photos - keep coming back to them. love you three. -kels