Monday, April 8, 2013

6 months old.

on April 3rd, Hazel turned 6 months old! i'm not so worried about her growing up too fast anymore. she is growing fast, but it is amazing to watch and i'm so excited for her as a little human to discover and learn new things. she's having fun living life and i'm learning how to direct and nurture her more each new day.
SO, on to the list :) sweet lady Hazel...
  • LOVES new people and lights up when they stop to talk to her. she smiles back and blows bubbles. but if they try to hold her the big fat lip will make its appearance. 
  • loves our housemates nate and nicola. her favorite part of the morning is coming out to greet them. 
  • can roll from her back to her stomach, push up on her hands and knees, rock back and forth and scoot backwards. 
  • does lots of down dogs and planks ;)
  • gives kisses?? lol we're not sure they're intentional yet, but they sure are cute. it involves grabbing our cheeks and trying to suck our lips. 
  • loves her toys and is starting to recognize them and pick out her favorites. we keep them in bins on the floor and she scoots towards them and picks them out. 
  • talks to her toys. while she's chewing on them. it makes a sort of baby ogre sound. at least that's what we call it :)
  • has started to show some tude. twice now she's gotten angry and boxed papa in the cheeks. literally smacks him in the cheeks with both hands simultaneously. don't even now what to do with that. 
  • has two dimples but one is very distinct 
  • sleeps half the night in her crib and the other half with mama and papa after she wakes up to nurse. she sleeps with her face planted in my chest and her arm around my neck and if i move she shrieks. so very sweet yet so not conducive to sleep for mama. 
  • TMI, however - poops on schedule which is AWESOME for cloth diapering. we just make sure she's wearing a disposable around that time. hallelujah. 
  • last but not least - has been trying out solids. purely recreational at this point, but avocado and sweet potato haven't gotten very high scores in her book :( 


  1. I think 6 months and up is by far my favorite baby stage : ) so many new things and it's so much fun to watch their little personalities develop. This list made me reminds me so much of what selah was like at that age...boxing neal in the cheeks, funny sleeping positions in bed i with Mama, pooping on schedule and disliking her first solids. Oh I wish I could meet her : ) she looks like such a treasure!

  2. that second pic looks like ryan!!