Sunday, June 13, 2010

5 months in Central Asia? Surely not.

The fact that we have lived in a foreign land for 5 and a half months now just leaves me dumbfounded. Completely dumbfounded. I have no idea where all that time went. Furthermore, Ryan and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary 2 and a half months ago. ??? really? I am so confused. When did I stop caring about choppy bangs and oily skin and start caring about dishes and natural birth? If you saw the look on my face right now, you would understand the seriousness of that question and the genuineness of my confusion. FURTHERMORE my last name is PETERS!! I'm joking. That part has sunken in, just barely. Give me a moment...

So yes, We have been living in Central Asia for 5 and a half months. And for five and a half months I have had an imaginary blog with imaginary posts and imaginary pictures and all sorts of other perfectly wonderful imaginary things. All to say - we have some backtracking to do.

Ryan and I have been co-teaching level 6 English classes for 2 months. We have about 22 students between two classes. We recently moved into a new apartment after spending our first three months in country in a stressful, life draining structure. Our new apartment is more than we could have ever hoped for and is a pure, tangible reflection of His kindness and faithfulness. We are humbled.
We have two cats, Theophilus and Jasper. They're all my fault. I'm completely to blame. I just can't help myself. I think that's the extent of our big news.

We are currently in Tbilisi, Georgia trying to renew our 3 month visas. We have made this trip two times before. Our goal is 1 year residency, but that is taking a little longer than expected. We enjoy Tbilisi, but it does take time and money away from other things. We should return home in a day or two.

So far, this adventure (internship in general) has been a lot about the simple things - how to live life in a foreign country, how to shop and cook and pay bills. How to balance being a wife and a student and a teammate while crossing cultures. How to protect home life while being submerged in ministry. How to take time to do not so eternally significant seeming things like knit and read in the midst of constant, persistent need all around. How to say yes to inconvenience when your rational mind says otherwise.

We are blessed. And we are expectant.


  1. I'm glad you're in the cool kids club now : )
    bahahah i miss you so day we can sit and chat in person about dishes and natural births...i completely understand your confusion and your sentiments. where did time go? i have no idea. ps. we should skype. whenever you are free...i am free...and there'll be a package in the mail next week (hopefully). all my love!

  2. ahhhhhh!!!!!! noelle, i seriously just giggled, squeeled, shook my head, and flailed my hands all while reading this post. it's so good to be able to hear from you in another form. your writing is basically you just talking which is perfect and ridiculous all at the same time. i miss you my little muffin. and i miss that other muffin who commented before me. we really will all sit together some day and chat won't we? i might not talk about natural births, but i'll join in on other cute conversations :) ok, i'm about to read your second post and comment on that one too.