Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Why Georgia, why?

We are stuck in Georgia. Actually, it's not Georgia's fault at all, it's that other country's...the one we don't speak of. We are still trying to enjoy our time here, even though this trip is much more drawn out than our normal visa renewal excursions. If everything goes how it should, we will be back home by Saturday afternoon. We've gotten a lot of rest, a lot of exercise walking around the city and A LOT of sunshine. So far...
  • we found a great little book cafe that's officially our new favorite nook in the city

  • met some pretty stellar people, including Charles and Nina, a worker couple in their 70's who are hosting us for free while we are here. they were here when Russia invaded Georgia a few years ago and have shared so much knowledge in regards to the religious and political state of this country

  • and bought an incredibly rad handmade toy for our future children, and unconceived (for clarity's sake) ;-)


  1. haha!! thanks for the clarification! that is a cute hand made toy. hey! me and jake are probably going to send you guys a package... i'm sure we can come up with all kinds of cool things to send you, but, did you have any specific requests? i'll do my best :) holler back at me via facebook or i guess my blog would work too. please keep updating this thing. i love to hear from you!

  2. so fun! I am so excited to follow you here :) Glad to get an update. Love to you

  3. Hi Noelle!
    I have a blog tooo :) Thanks for the cute message on facebook! I am following your blog now and putting it on by "blog roll". Love hearing the updates and seeing where God has placed Ryan & You - The Peters. Your writing style is so fun!!

  4. Seriously. I love that toy!! I like your blog! I like the line in your last post "when did I stop caring about choppy bangs and oily skin and start caring about dishes and natural birth" That hit home with me!

  5. neal and i were in minne for the weekend and we couldn't help but notice that it's just not the same without you and ryan man. we're excited to come visit after you're back on campus...oh that seems like so far away : ) we love you and miss you!