Saturday, August 21, 2010

Azeri Home Tour

When we first came to Azerbaijan we were renting an apartment with quite a few problems. Ryan and I tossed around the idea of finding a new place, but we convinced ourselves that we would be wimping out by moving. Quickly, this decision to stay in our problem apartment turned into us playing martyrs. During our three months there we had multiple, ongoing issues that wore on us physically and emotionally and stole away our time. Finally, we decided to look for a new place. God totally went before us an orchestrated every fine detail of moving us in to our new place. Once we moved we were so humbled and so thankful for what God had done and we felt a strong desire to bless others through our home.

Through this time, Ryan and I learned some invaluable lessons about the importance of making a home on the field. We discovered that some "luxuries" can actually maximize ministry time. We have been able to host people freely since we moved through study groups and English class parties. We are so thankful. Here is our home!!

This is our dear little Arzu market below our apartment

We live on the 4th floor (we have buns of steel)

Our entry way and living room

Where I make big messes trying to be a perfect housewife

Bedroom and Bathroom

Yaxsi Yole! (good ways)


  1. Noelle! this is beautiful! i love it! i'm so glad you saw God's faithfulness in something that could seem so simple or mundane. i'm glad everything around you is beautiful, cause i know you like it that way :)

  2. :) i love it! and i love you. today i tried to put your baby leg warmers on selah...they were longer than her leg : ) so they will be perfect for fall/winter. i will send photos as soon as they fit!

  3. It is simply wonderful. Love that your home is a peaceful place for you and for others too!