Thursday, July 15, 2010

I Promise...

this leave of absence will not be a recurring thing. A few weeks ago we finally returned from Georgia, however, our computer cord did not – which has left us a little stranded when it comes to communication with the outside world. So, forgive me. I have every intention of being consistent with this ole blog.

July has been…fast. Not so unlike every other month spent here so far. Summer heat in Azerbaijan is just wretched. But summer is not without its pleasures. For example, the other day my husband walked in the front door holding a huge bucket full of fresh, beautiful raspberries. We then decided that we should probably invest in a blender. Now, we have a blender. And every day of my life is filled with berry bliss. the end.

We spent our 4th on a beautiful beach on the Caspian with friends. Ryan may or may not still be recovering from a slightly severe sunburn.

And I love my cats. I’m pretty sure I should start having babies soon before I end up with 20 cats in my house from bringing home every stray kitten I see on the side of the road. My husband agrees.


  1. Noelle, that picture of you and ryan is too cute. that dress!!! poor guy, he would sunburn easily. i agree, you need to start having babies. i like your cats, they're cute. i want to visit you in azerbaijan. i promise a package is coming sooooon! i bought a polaroid camera yesterday for $1.80!! summer in MN is not the same without you.

  2. bah. please have babies. : ) that would be delightful. oh my goodness i miss you , neal and i think of you and ryan often. [and i promise a package is on its way soon as well]