Monday, August 30, 2010

Lil Sack of Sugar

Every now and then I stumble upon something. mmmmmagical :-)

The other day I was checking one of my favorite photography blogs for updates- {photography for happy people}
She has three of the most adorable children, and she never ceases to inspire me by her creativity in documenting their lives throughout the monumental and the mundane.
AND she lives in Texas, my dear sweet romping ground :-)
Of course, she takes fabulous pictures of her kids, but she also captures video and combines it with the most perfectly complimenting music to make little treasures.
You can check them out here on vimeo -
I would post them if I could, I'm just not that advanced yet. But truly, for your own sake, PLEASE watch these videos. They will make you want to have babies - which, ya know, may or may not be a good thing to want depending on your current season of life. At any rate they will make your day 10 times brighter.

In the video of her new daughter Marley, she uses the song Little Sack of Sugar. I HAD to find out where this song came from, so I searched and searched and finally found Elizabeth Mitchell and Daniel Littleton, wonderful tambourine shaking hippie artists who re-interpret folk and rock into children songs and lullabys. You can learn more about them and listen to their music here on their website-
I am in love and will definitely be purchasing their music in the near future to add to my baby stash for the future (which, as it grows makes me want to have babies not in the future) :-)

From their website I stumbled upon even more magic. - here you can find perfectly vintage alphabet flashcards, birth announcements and more.
Dear Miss Pearle, I do believe this is the start of something beautiful.


  1. oh dear. i'm so excited for you guys to have a baby some day. that sounds marvelous. i'm going to look into those videos. i like when you update your blog. i like being apart of what's going on :)

  2. I'm so excited for you to be Aunty Lindy some day!!

  3. ya know, or, Auntie Lindy works too.
    i could blame it on the fact that i'm learning another language, but...
    yes. i will blame it on that.

  4. blame it on whatever you want. i'm knitting your kid everything imaginable. well, whatever i can figure out to make. p.s. i love kid music in her videos so much that i want it for myself.... is that weird? i don't think so. i'll just say it's for my nephews... yeah, for my nephews.