Friday, September 10, 2010

A kick in the pants...

“There is beauty and genius in every culture, if you have the time and the mindset to realize it.”

This week is Cultural Anthropology week. 8 hour lectures each day. It’s good stuff. real good stuff. timely. sobering. my heart needs to hear these words. i am expectant for the Holy Spirit to (continue to) convict my wrong attitudes and uproot my wrong mindsets towards this culture.

“There is beauty and genius in every culture”
Of course, what a beautiful statement. When I traveled to Romania for 2 months I believed this. When I traveled to India for 1 month I thought so too. After living in Azerbaijan for 5 months, I had convinced myself that this culture had to be the exception to that statement. And I didn’t even acknowledge that it was wrong to think so.

With a certain upbringing and education, this woman had the potential to be a brain surgeon.

Would she have been better off if she grew up in America?
Would she have lead a more fulfilled life?
Was she gypped because she didn’t?
Is her culture broken because it’s not like mine?
I mean, of course Western culture has it’s faults, but it’s not as broken, right?
It’s the most ideal of them all, right?


A lot of uprooting and replanting taking place this week. Praise God.


  1. That class did the same for me-I know right where you're at!

  2. yep. i remember that. 'different doesn't mean bad' oohhhh that one hit me right where i needed it. i'm excited for you to be in this class Noelle. it was my favorite one by far! love and miss you deary poo

  3. : ) so proud of you...will be praying for many revelations and a humble heart. ps there's a package in the mail with your name on it...lindy and I (and the men folk i'm sure) are on uber excited for you to get it!
    i love you!