Sunday, November 21, 2010

Coffee Date

Every once in a lil while, Ryan and I need a coffee date.
a time to get out of the house, together
away from the persistent calling of the dishes and laundry
a time to spend a little more money than we normally would
just because it's special
and because java is fancy stuff in these parts

During the past few coffee dates we've gone on
something very strange has happened
I order my coffee
Ryan orders his
and when we get our drinks
mine is large and adorned with whipped cream and sprinkles
Ryan's is about one tenth the size of mine
and well, unadorned

We went on a coffee date today
I ordered a hazelnut hot chocolate
Ryan ordered a macchiato

when they brought out our order
i almost had to crawl under the table to hide my laughter from Ryan's disappointed little face

poor Ryan
next time I'm ordering his drink
we had a beautiful time though :-)

p.s. I scored a Thanksgiving turkey!!

1 comment:

  1. i can see his face, and i can hear your laugh, sort of the same laugh you did when i dyed my hair gray. missin you oodles my deary poooo!