Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Debriefed

Hello All! I hope that you had a marvelous Thanksgiving, full of good food and good company. Ours was lovely. I have all the pictures to prove it.
Our preparations began on Wednesday. We listened to old school Amy Grant Christmas music and baked enough pies for an army: chocolate cream, banana cream, pumpkin cream, chocolate pecan, classic pumpkin, dreamy apple and one classic pecan that didn't quite make it safe out of our bipolar oven. I called it rustic and ate it anyway.

On Wednesday, we also began the brining process on our turkey.

WARNING: the next picture is not for the faint of heart.....

eeeeek!!! I've never handled a turkey in my life, much less one that was walking and clucking hours before it landed itself in my sink. we gave it a good washing, plucked some straggling feathers and quickly submerged it in this lovely stuff:

my 2nd try at making a cheeseball and it was actually a hit. my first attempt was not so bright.

we had the lovely Amy Owen with us. she counseled us through the turkey cooking process.

and the lovely Amy Noxon made caramels, YUM!

kneading dough for the Parker House Roles mmmm...

Note: after reviewing the pictures of my face, I have determined that I am incapable of smiling like a normal human being. and I will be attending smiling 101 directly following our return to the U.S. of A.

Then, we turned around on Friday and had a SECOND Thanksgiving for our Azeri friends. It was sooo wonderful. I had four of my students come. Between all of us who invited people, we had eleven Azeris join us. We made them all little party favors with candles, truffles and cards with scripture about giving thanks.

Fatima, Fidan, me, Sabina and Xatira

Now, time to breakout the Christmas decorations!!! I've already started making pom pom garland, and Ryan surprised me by bringing home a little, but very sweet tree the other day.


  1. i'm delighted your thanksgiving was so lovely : )next year maybe we can do it together? that would be phenomenal.
    ps. nice apron : )
    all my love.
    pps. selah is currently wearing your ruffle bum pants...she's quite a hit in them.

  2. first things first - selah is a DOLL in the ruffle bum pants. seriously, i've never found a butt so adorable in my life!

    second things second - i'm so proud of you Noelle!!!! you braved a nasty looking turkey and made a ridiculous amount of pies and your such a little home maker! way to go! AND i love that amy owen was with you! she is amazing!

    third things third - you look so cute and stylish and hip, but yet very cute and wifey. oh and are you using the pom pom maker i sent you!?!?! i'm getting one for christmas :)

    fourth things fourth - i was in MN this weekend and we talked about you guys a lot and longed for a not so distant time when all six of us will be together and our boys will be boys and we will sit and sip drinks and chat for long hours and laugh great big belly laughs. i miss you noelle. can we skype soon!?!?

  3. Great times, Great pictures! Love it Noelle!!

  4. p-p-p-p-pleaseee update your blog or e-mail me! this is my only connection to you! i miss you terribly! i want to chat about life!