Sunday, February 13, 2011


Hello Friends!

I’ve been gone for a while and (obviously) a lot has happened since Thanksgiving! I will try to recap the last few months to the best of my abilities. It’s been good. It’s been challenging. We can hardly believe that our time here is almost up. We are feeling all sorts of emotions. excitement. sentiment. anxiousness. I feel a little crazy (and guilty) that some of the first things on my to do list once we reach the States have to do with food, beverages and beauty products.


-Christmas was nice. Ryan brought home a nice little cedar tree one day that served as our first real Christmas tree (last year we were at my mom’s). It’s still sitting here in our living room as I type. Ryan wants to plant it before we leave. Husband bought me some real fancy perfume that I’ve been wanting for a while. I bought husband some socks...
:-) AND I drug him to the store and made him play dress up and bought him a sexy new outfit :-) which he appreciates also. one day I caught him all dressed up in front of the mirror making James Bond faces. true story.

-New Year’s was loud. and full of fireworks. but not as full as last New Year’s when we were in Vienna freezing our little tootsies off.

-My Papaw turned 91 in January. The same Papaw that used the words lizard and gizzard while performing our wedding.

- don't be surprised if the next time you see me I'm sportin a grill. not joking. okay, maybe just kind of. I have a cavity spreading on one of my two front teeth that I can't do anything about till May. the joys of living in countries where straight white teeth are viewed as overrated.

-We had a Cultural Anthropology class that shook our brains and made us question everything we’ve ever been taught about life by our own culture.

-We are slowly packing up our house. Our take home pile is getting smaller and smaller.

-I’m crocheting a baby blanket (for my still un conceived child :-) It’s my first big project and I’m really excited about it.

-We found out yesterday that the MA program we were planning on taking isn’t available to us. So now we feel a little bit, unhinged. Pray for us.

-Last night I had dinner with some hilarious Azeri girls. They piled food on my plate and made me drink five cups of tea. After dinner we did Azeri karaoke and belly danced. Thankfully this was an all girls party. There may or may not have been a video taken of me making a complete fool of myself.

Life is good. We are thankful. We are glad to be here now. We are glad for what's to come.

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  1. oh yay! i love getting updates from you!! i wish i could have been there to giggle with you about ryan modeling in the mirror. i also want to see this belly dancing video HAHAHAH!!! oh man, i'm laughing just thinking about it. i'm so excited to be in the same country as you and be able to hunt you down and figure out your phone number and call you every day until i get a hold of you :) please don't get a grill. i'll pray for your teeth. you know how to crochet!?!???! i still haven't learned. one of my clients tried to teach me but i didn't catch on very fast and got frustrated. you must teach me! if you e-mail we can plan a skype date sometime. i need me some noelle in my life.