Thursday, March 17, 2011

Culture and Marriage

Ryan and I have been married for almost two years. Our anniversary is right around the bend! And we have been living in Azerbaijan for over a year now. What does that tell you? We have spent more of our married life in a foreign country than in the states. What? Wild. It is fascinating to explore the ways our partnership has grown on foreign soil. How so many things we learned for the first time as a couple, we learned the Azerbaijani way. This experience has given us such a unique perspective on family and relationships and time. It has allowed us to build from an equal ground - not my Texan way and not Ryan’s Washingtonian way. (I definitely typed that in thinking it would light right up on me, but no. I do believe Washingtonian is actually a word. or the name of a newspaper). This journey has influenced our perspective on life, and reached down into our worldview. It’s so exciting to think of the different cultures God will lead us to throughout our lifetime, and the outlook we will have 30 years from now. I pray that our hearts will remain un-offended and ready to receive the ways that God has written his signature on every culture, in some shape, form or fashion.


  1. yay! i love this peters couple.

  2. : ) can't believe it's almost been two years. what the heck. i'm excited to hear about the things you've learned and your azerbaijani perspectives : )