Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy 2 Years!

Holy moly! I cannot even believe. 2 years baby! And both of our anniversaries were spent not in America. So interesting.
So what in the world have I learned in 2 years?

- husbands are a gift from God
- a dirty house is a normal house
- spaghetti can be served more than once in a week for dinner and the world won't end
- I need coffee to survive
- Ryan needs clean socks
- praying more is never the wrong choice
- serving more is never the wrong choice
- loving more is never the wrong choice
- marriage is the fast track to sanctification ;-) jk

just friends

dating, 04.??.08

engaged, 09.28.08

married, 03.22.09

married life in America

married life in Azerbaijan


  1. WOAH...2 years!! Congrats! Can't wait to SEEEEEE you :)
    P.S. what happened to getting better at keeping in touch? lol ;)
    LOVE you

  2. yay!!!! i still can't believe we (jake and i) weren't there for the big day! but i mean, we still have loads of memories to make in our future. you guys were so cute on that pirate night. even ryan's scandalous belly shots... :)

  3. : ) congrats! cannot believe it's been two years. oh man. fast track to sanctification indeed ; ) i just realized that you and i have never been married ladies in the same place. woah. each thing you've learned made me smile and agree...oh man i miss you in my life. sooo soooonnn : )