Sunday, July 17, 2011

Our Weekend

On Sunday, Ryan and I ventured out to a little town on the Minnesota-Wisconsin border called Stillwater. Ryan heard there were forests and lakes. I heard there were old, funky shops.

Somehow I scored big time with a husband who loves history and therefore actually enjoys antiquing with me. Once inside we went our separate ways of course - me to the textiles, dishes and furniture, him to the old coins, records and tools.

I wasn't sure whether or not picture taking was permitted. No one said anything, but the cashier lady kept eyeballing my camera. I just tried to be discreet, snapping shots in low traffic areas and corner nooks. Later Ryan told me he always knew which area of the store I was in (the mondo three level store) by the clicking of my camera. brilliant.

Haunted Bride - Too Risky a Love
Warning on my Honeymoon - Dangerously Lonely

We passed by this grand little candy store that sold homemade fudge. It was so hot outside that we weren't really in the mood for anything other than ice-cold water. But when we got home later that day, I found myself with an intense craving for fudge and deep regret.

I love that we enjoy each others company. I love that sometimes, the best communication happens without words, in the simple things like walking down the street hand in hand.

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