Wednesday, December 21, 2011

home for christmas

We made it to Seattle for Christmas! We have so many adventures planned including a trip downtown to Pike Place Market and a drive east to an old German town. So excited! Many more pictures to come.

P.s. that turban headband will be hitting my shop soon ;)


  1. how are your itty bitty baby bangs coming along? do you like them still? i want to skype with you real bad.

  2. By old German town, you mean Leavenworth? Its one of my favorite places! Absolutely breathtaking in the wintertime. I hope you enjoy your stay and would love grabbing coffee, or joining you on a local adventure! ~ Amanda

  3. : ) So glad you're warm and cozy with family. Thank you so much for your sweet presents...I loved them...those hats could make me cry...and your card did make me cry...I think i'm just weepy : ) Will send pics of Selah in her bonnet soon.
    All my love