Sunday, January 1, 2012

new day. new year.

I'm not much of a past dweller. Perhaps that's due to the consistent inconsistencies of our little life. When one season is over I shut the door and move on to the next. I don't get very emotional over goodbyes. I don't enjoy them, but it is what it is.
This year, I find myself dwelling on the last.
Last year I was in Azerbaijan.
eating amazing food. fresh fruits, veggies and bread everyday.
teaching english to a brilliant group of students from all over - turkey, russia, ukraine, iran.
living in an apartment with my husband and our two cats.
Even though its a country most people have never heard of, it felt like the center of the world to me. When we came back to the states we were able to spend a little time with our families before going back to school. We were blessed with a beautiful house to rent, while being able to share it with one of my dearest friends. I got to help plan and be in her wedding, a wedding nobody thought would ever happen in a million years but prayed for. We spent good time with another pair of dear friends, met their little girl and watched her turn one year old. We planted a garden. had an open door policy. hosted groups of people on a regular basis. Our house had a farmhouse sink for crying out loud ;-)
I made the decision to pursue midwifery instead of a masters. decision well made. though I wonder often what I've gone and gotten myself into. I know I can do it though. My new hobby is natural birth evangelizing. It just comes out. I can't help it (though truly i'm pro mothers self educating and having the freedom to choose to give birth in whatever way they feel most comfortable as i've had many friends choose to give birth a different way)
We made the move to South Carolina, which is still a work in progress. Things will start to click soon, I'm sure of it. We spent a sweet Thanksgiving with my side of the family and a super fun Christmas with Ryan's. good times.
good year.
But every year since I truly started following Jesus has been better than the last.
Not easier, but better.
And so we are walking into this new year with hope in our hearts.
Hope for a few things in specific, I might add ;-)

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  1. babies babies babies babies babies babiesbabies! i can't tell you how often i want to buy you baby things and then i tell myself "Lindy, you can't buy things for other people when they're not even pregnant yet." who knows. maybe i'll give in one day and do it anyway. jake's friend from Belarus wished us happy new year and said that he will pray that God blesses us with a baby this year. haha! how bold!