Monday, April 30, 2012

16 weeks

16 weeks along!
belts are heading north. waistbands are heading south.
my bladder wakes me up like clockwork every morning.
my belly button is starting to take the shape of an oval.
this week i've been extra tired and in curl up with a cozy blanket mode- what ryan and his family so sweetly refer to as a "soggy kitty" we don't use that expression in the redneck ghetto of houston, texas if you can imagine :)
something exciting- i'm almost positive i started feeling baby movements.
it feels like pressure, but in the form of kicks and wiggles. pretty certain it's baby :)

being pregnant is an adventure.
 i've read a zillion books and heard tons of birth stories but now i'm actually experiencing it for myself.
everything is new. different. amazing. a little crazy. sometimes uncomfortable. initially very uncomfortable. praise jesus that part is over :)

right now we have a cinnamon roll candle burning in our living room and i keep thinking ryan must be in the kitchen making pancakes. time for a little snack...


  1. You look beautiful! And now your belly is about as big as mine, haha. :-P --Bethany

  2. Ahhh... you made me cry! I love you SO much. So excited for you Noelle! Wish I could be there to hear about every wiggle the baby makes, I'll have to call you time to time (neither of our fortes!) Know I'm praying for you and the baby big time! Much love sis.

  3. eeeeee!!! so big! (i mean that in the sweetest most endearing way possible) oh man, i can't wait to see you guys. we miss you both a lot.

  4. you look great : ) I'm so glad you're feeling better. See you next week!

  5. you look sooooo good noelle!!! just a few weeks ahead of me! by the way, your post on your first trimester life-savers reeeeally encouraged me! i want to write one myself.