Tuesday, May 22, 2012

kicks and wiggles

this babe is a MOVER. the kicks just keep coming and getting stronger and stronger. tonight while we were hanging out on the couch i had my shirt up over my belly (because that's how I waddle around the house these days) and we were entertained for a good few minutes watching my belly move as little thang tap danced around in there. i am SO aware that there is a little person growing inside my belly. i remember when i first started feeling kicks it was the craziest thing. it just felt so other than. like something with a mind of it's own was in there moving around.

my teacher told us a story today that i thought was just fascinating. when she was an apprentice she attended the birth of a woman who had been laboring for awhile. this particular woman had birthed with them before and normally went quickly, so the midwife decided to check the baby's position to make sure she hadn't turned breech. when the midwife went to feel for a head, she squealed and pulled her hand out. she quickly reassured everyone with a smile and told them that the baby was most definitely face down because she had just tried to suck on her finger.
insane :)


  1. : ) your blog looks great...and you look great...I'm so glad you got those pants!

  2. ooooh Noelle! I love the blog! can you please help me some day to give my blog a face lift? it needs it desperately. I love your curly crimpy hair in these pics. You look lovely and I'm soooo excited to meet baby peters someday!

  3. i can't waaait to feel this baby! hopefully soon. i keep pushing on my belly to see if he/she will kick or something. haha. its still a little early for us though. aaand, just wondering, the wrap that ryan is wearing, did you make it? or buy it?? i heard that you can get patterns to make those, so i kindof wanted to try!

    1. aww, im excited for you to feel baby kicks. they are so very cute.

      that is a moby wrap that my mother in law bought for us. my cousin makes her own and she likes them better that way. i think the trick is finding strong/thick jersey that won't stretch out in the long run. she might even double hers up, but i can't remember.

      somebody french braided my hair in pigtails and it turned out that way! i was surprised because it normally doesn't hold curl so well.

  4. alsooo, one more question. how does your hair curl sooo wonderfully?? is it naturally like that??