Wednesday, May 23, 2012

tim and kelsey's wedding

two weeks ago we road tripped up to minneapolis for my sister in law's wedding.
we were really looking forward to this trip for a few reasons.
1. we live states away from family so any time we get to spend with them is cherished.
2. many of our dear friends live there and seeing them always refreshes our hearts.
3. the fact that all this was taking place in minne was just a bonus because well, we love that place. we met there, started dating there, fell in love there, almost eloped there. just kidding ;)

it was just an all around lovely trip. we shared a room with ryan's three little siblings.
that was fun :) they enjoyed seeing my growing belly.
in fact, they kept an eye on my daily progress. "yep, your belly sure is getting fatter" lol.

the wedding was beautiful. outdoors on a sunny spring day by a little river.
go check out their amazing wedding pictures here
by the talented Ryan Stadler.

some of my iphone pics from the week


  1. Noelle / This blog is so cool! Thanks so much for mentioning me and putting a link to Tim and Kelsey's wedding photo's! You are the best. I had a great time with you guys that day, you and Ryan seem so nice and I'm excited for your little one to show up :) Bless you both. Thanks!

  2. looks like it was a lovely wedding! i can't wait to visit good ol moir again. can you guys please come to MN when we're there this summer?