Wednesday, June 6, 2012

21 weeks

1. twenty-one week baby bump
2. being pregnant and in midwifery school at the same time

two of us are pregnant right now so we have lots of fun palpating bellies and listening to fetal heart tones.

God blessed our little socks off the other day. we found some of the expensive baby items i wanted gently used on craigslist for a tiny fraction of the price. not just stuff that would work, but the exact kinds i wanted and all. 
just a little reminder that he is faithful to provide and even mindful of the things we like
even our favorite colors and brands 

why am i so quick to write these experiences off as luck??
the holy spirit reminds me that i have a good father who knows me well.


  1. So cool that your are in midwife school. I love that. Also, wonderful about the baby stuff!!! We have just recently become the caretakers of my nephew who is 9 months old and so we have been thrown right in the middle of parenting. Baby stuff is super expensive, but you are right. God is so faithful and such a Good Father to us. Happy for you!

  2. Hi Noelle! Where are you doing midwifery school? I'm interested in it, and trying to explore the options :) Thanks!

  3. now if only craigs list sold plane tickets....
    : ) I'm so glad you found your favs for cheap...praise the Lord, that's so awesome! look lovely.