Monday, June 11, 2012

lazy sunday

we always look forward to sundays.
for us they are usually still homework days, but at least they are lazy homework days involving lots of coffee, lounging and moving slowly. 
we always try to do something out and about in nature.
this time we went to one of our favorite spots, a park on a lake with lots of little trails and picnic areas.
every time we go we can't help but notice that it's filled with large indian, middle eastern and hispanic families- rarely white.
they are all together, enjoying food and each other's company and can spend hours doing so.
it made me miss azerbaijan, where all you really need to have a good time is chai and people to drink it with. and it made me miss chai, which never tastes the same as it did over there.
i'm feeling a little plump these days.
but if i'm growing then she's growing and that's fine with me ;)
22 weeks...
it's getting harder to keep my toes in these pictures.


  1. how am i just now finding your beautiful blog!?

    wonderful! i am so exciting to creep on your life, and your new journey into motherhood.

  2. you look greeeeat noelle. i am feeling plump too. someone the other day said i should definitely have an ultrasound because they thought i was surely having twins. not the best compliment when you are pregnant, but heyyyy now i'm hoping for twins on wednesday! but anyway, you look fabulous! so sooo cute!!

  3. Noellleeeeeee!!!!! seriously, you are glowing, stunning, radiant, lovely, and all sorts of other nice adjectives. i miss you friend and i'm so very excited to see you this summer. i probably say this in each of my comments, but hey, it's how i feel. i gotta get me some more pretty high-waisted floral skirts. you make them look delightful.

  4. I LOVE reading your blog, makes me feel like I'm right there with you!! Love you sweet friend. You make me want to blog more often! :) Love it.