Thursday, September 6, 2012

my cloth diaper stash

okie dokie, here we go.
the world of cloth diapers is a bit overwhelming these days. 
i have no doubt our great grandmas would laugh if they saw how many choices we have.

anyhow. despite the recommendations of many, i chose to go the old school route with prefolds.
they are cheap.
they clean better.
and in my opinion they are more fitted (if you get sizes for each stage) and take up some of that saggy bunchy diaper booty.

i like the prefold system because you can by tons of nice cotton diapers for a good price, a handful of waterpoof diaper covers, then wipe off and re-use the covers through a few changes. but some people find the extra steps to be pretty inconvenient, and you know, i might be one of them after a few months, so we will have to see.
so, my stash:
  •  Bummis super lite covers - 2 newborn, 2 small 
  •  24 large thin flannel wipes (i know. who do I think i am?) 
  • Wool soakers - 2 newborn, 2 small (upcycled from etsy, so much cheaper that way)  
  •  Bac-out by Biokleen as a pre-wash spray
total cost: $250 

1. i estimated this stash will last up to 6 months size wise, and as far as quantity, i will add a few of this and that as i decide what works for us (mainly covers). laundry will probably happen every/every other day, which is fine with me cause leaving them in the pail kind of freaks me out.

2. this would have been cheaper had i skipped the newborn phase, which a lot of people do. ryan and i are little people :) so i just have a feeling our baby might fit in newborns a bit longer. and if not, they can be used as inserts for extra coverage.

3. prefolds and wipes are from green mountain diapers. they are the prefold people. i highly recommend  them. tons of info on each product, fast shipping and you can request a free brochure at checkout all about prepping and cleaning diapers.

4. ohh! and i got inspired to try a few recipes for homemade diaper area wash, cause california baby ain't cheap. my first will be a mix of chamomile tea, jojoba and lavender oil.

this is what i chose and i feel pretty confident- although for that price, you could get a pretty good stash of bumgenius. so we will see. moms are different. babies are different. every baby's bum is different :)

suggestions mamas? am i skimping too much on some things?


  1. my sister recommends the power washer!

  2. Since Jeremiah has been out of newborn size cloth diapers, we use Bummis organic prefolds and flip covers. Ther are adjustable 8-35 lbs. LOVE them. And I like that you won't need to buy more as baby grows. I'd recommend trying them once your little one gets bigger. Right now they are buy two get one free at

  3. Oh also, Charlie's Soap for washing cloth diapers. I had been using Shaklee and it doesn't get them as clean. You can get it at for a great price.

  4. right before i bought our stash of bumgenius pocket diapers sooo many people started recommending i go with prefolds that have reusable covers. (like bummis) i went with the pocket diapers because that's what i was used to as i nannied, (and they were suuuch a good deal) but i think you will love the prefolds!! the mamas i talked to looove them!!! (and they had used both!)