Wednesday, September 5, 2012

praying for my baby

in class we talk a lot about maternal nutrition - its implications in pregnancy, birth and baby's longterm health.
this is something you could drive yourself nuts over if you scrutinize everything you put in your mouth. (as i write this i may or may not have texted my husband to pick up a almond hershey's bar on his way home)
but i still think it's important and fascinating to study what can be traced back to the mother's diet in pregnancy.
it only makes good sense right? what we put into our bodies makes our baby.
this makes me think so much about prayer.
praying for our children while they're still in the womb. speaking scripture and words of life over them.

i want to pray diligently over my growing baby, just like (if not more than) how i strive to eat healthy for her. i want it to be that important. that real to me. to know that i'm sowing into her spiritual health. that my prayers now have longterm effects.

i'm encouraged by my grandma and mom who prayed for me before i was born. i've seen specific areas of my life that their prayers have impacted and walked through situations that were so obviously pre-soaked in grace.

it's both sobering and inspirational.

i say inspirational because i so often let these things burden instead of inspire.
just like exercise and diet and other things i feel i could always do a better job of.
i choose to be inspired.


  1. that is a wonderful reminder. my husband had to remind me of this the other day when we were registering for baby body washes and lotions, and i was sooo obsessing over everything being free of parabens and sodium lauryl sulfates and all that jazz. he reminded me that we must care more for her soul.

  2. that was actually britney, not michael. :) (obviously)

  3. Beautiful! Missed you at Bible Study...hope to see you tonight for girls night.