Wednesday, October 31, 2012

mama thoughts

homegirl woke up this morning and was extra fussy (which extra fussy for her is not very fussy at all so i'm coming to find out)
nothing we did seemed to make her happy, and i was just feeling kind of done.
so i pulled myself together, got us all bundled up and went out for a walk around the block.
she conked out before we rolled out of the driveway.
and then i had some time to think.
4 weeks old (today actually) and already there have been times i just want to check out. how can this be???
don't get me wrong - i don't want to be weighed down with guilt just because i need some alone time with a cup of coffee now and then. but i also don't want to disengage and just go through the motions every time i don't feel like dealing with hard stuff.
i read this blog post yesterday and it just keeps going over and over in my mind.
"delight in them. love them well."
this woman has 9 children. the last 2 being newborn twins. so humbling.

there is joy to be had in today. i pray i wouldn't be so blinded by discomfort that i miss it.


  1. oh how cuuute is she with those 2 little babies in one sling!!?!?
    also, a really good book about mothering that i looooved is called "Loving the Little Years" and it was really encouraging on this topic of shepherding and loving your little flock.

  2. thanks for the link to that blog :)
    big adjustments take time to adjust. somehow that alone time with a cup of coffee is what you need to "delight in them. love them well."