Tuesday, November 6, 2012

baby bath

music - free little bird by lisa loeb & elizabeth mitchell from catch the moon

with a homebirth it can be common to do an herbal bath for mama and baby some time after the birth.
a bath tea is prepared with lots of yummy smelling, skin soothing, healing herbs. it's amazing to watch a sleepy little newborn come alive in the water, all wide eyed and stretched out :)
it's just a special experience that i highly recommend, no matter where or how you birth.

i used two different bath teas, this one and this one

p.s. she was only a few days old in this video and watching it KILLS me. she's five weeks now. i just want to pop her right back in my womb. aahhhh :)


  1. hmm.. herbal tea bath sounds pretty darn good right now haha :) so cute and so precious! excited to see you guys so so soon!