Wednesday, November 14, 2012

6 weeks old. stop it.

well this is just complete nonsense. my newborn is growing up and it's kind of outrageous.
people tell you how fast they grow but actually - it feels more like honey i blew up the kid, complete with double takes and heart palpitations.
once they're born wheels start turning that you can never turn back and every moment is just so so precious.

but the love grows too. every day i fall more in love and i am just so excited for all the grand adventures that await our little family. all the firsts. all the new experiences. 

and really - WHAT a sweet baby :)

p.s. waiting to see if she keeps her papa's blue eyes :)


  1. : ) it just gets sweeter...and scarier...and more wonderful...
    love you!

  2. i miss this wiggly little bundle already! she is growing so fast. she makes me want my little one to come right now, but then i realize, uh oh, i'm not ready! haha.

  3. I miss my niece so much and I cannot wait for one month till we can see her again. She has such pretty eyes in these pictures too!
    Greetings from Romania!