Sunday, March 27, 2011


Ryan and I are spending the weekend in Şəki in celebration of our anniversary and also just to soak up the most of Azerbaijan in the few short weeks we have left. Şəki is a small city about five hours drive away from Baku. Its one of the more popular tourist attractions in the country. It is known for its halvası, a special type of baklava made with sesame seeds and decorated with a red dye. Such a charming place with such lovely, friendly people...

we couldn't catch all of this man's story. older people tend to speak in a gravely mixture of russian and azerbaijani that is rather difficult to decipher. this man killed the wolf back in 1996 when he was a shepherd and it was attacking his sheep. we think. now he charges tourist 1 manat a picture. how resourceful.

The Xan Saray, made without glue or nails in the 18th century


  1. resourceful indeed! wow, it looks beautiful there! i love these pictures! i can't wait to sit and go through pics with you when you're back in the u.s. i hope these last weeks are glorious my dear friends.