Thursday, April 7, 2011

Where to put it all?

Packing, packing, packing...story of my life. It feels like yesterday my hands were stained with ink from wrapping my new dishes in newspaper to be packed away in Seattle. Sometimes I get tired just thinking about it, and then I realize that this cycle of setting up and tearing down will most likely carry on for the rest of my life. And then I realize, I have no choice but to embrace it and learn as quickly as I can to thrive in the midst of it. I start to think about all the amazing experiences I have had in my short life, in my short married life. All the beautiful history that I've seen with my own eyes. All the crazy adventures I've shared with my husband. I'm filled with so much thankfulness that all that angst over packing just seems so silly.

After all, packing would be so much easier if I wasn't a compulsive collector of all things pretty and unique. My poor husband. I can't tell you the number of pretty little glass things I want to bring home with me. And then there are those two furry things. Can you believe we're bringing our kitties home with us? Can you believe my husband is letting me? That's actually not even true. Ryan has become surprisingly attached to them. What men in love will do. I am a little bit scared out of my mind. Let's just pray that all our kitty paperwork was done properly and that they don't cry and poop the whole way home :-)

source: colourchrome on etsy


  1. You're bringing your kitties??? FUN! If you want another I have one that needs a home. His name is Parker and I love him, but Jarret is allergic to cats so we can't have him in the he lives in the entryway :(
    Hope I can see you when you are in the CITIES!
    Good luck with the packing!! I know how hard it is!

  2. oh noelle, i love that you're a collector. you make me smile. please come home.

  3. did you pack the kitties in that suitcase?? :)