Thursday, June 16, 2011

Just a lil Update!

Just wanted to pop in and give a lil update! Our time back in the States has been full of God's provision and favor. During our two week break between leaving Azerbaijan and returning to school, we were somehow able to spend quality time with family and friends and drive half way around America. Thanks God :-) Now, we are back in Minneapolis finishing our last few months of school. There is such a beautiful community of people here and we are so thankful to be in the midst of it. After spending most of our married life around single people (we love single people) it is so cool to be around other couples our age, other wives and husbands and babies and pregnancy. Also, the Lord blessed us with a super cool connection and now we get to rent this adorable house that's minutes away from our school.

Anyway, we are currently taking a class on cultural change and innovation, and it's really shaking our world. If you haven't heard of Ingrid Monroe and how she lifted literally tens of thousands of people out of the slums of Kenya with micro-financing, you should read up on it. God does crazy things with willing hearts.


  1. ...ty 4 the update.
    Dupre's Do Pray 4 U
    faith, hope & love,
    Mark, Susie, Caleb & Malachi Dupre'
    Phil l:3

  2. LOVED seeing you guys! and love your little house! it is SOOO great :)