Monday, June 25, 2012

23 weeks

this post is a bit late as i'm 24 weeks now.
at any rate, little miss is growing like a weed.
i can tell her head from her bum now which she proudly pokes out on my right side.
i can make her kick on demand by poking around in her space, though i think i startled her the
 other day because her kick had a bit more tude than normal.
my husband got a gold star in our birthing class last week when he told everyone he would karate chop the doctor's arm if they tried to cut the cord prematurely, lol. 
(we're planning a homebirth, but in case of transfer)
what a guy.
value village is officially my favorite place to buy "maternity" wear.
so many cheap high waisted skirts i just can't help myself.


  1. U are the cutest Prego mom ever!!

  2. i adore hearing about your adventures in being pregnant. congrats, congrats, congrats. and how wonderful that you are studying to be a midwife!! would love to hear more about what you're learning there over time...
    blessings, you two. :)
    tara k

  3. little miss is bound to have some tude. imagining ryan following through on that karate chop threat cracks me up. that skirt is wayyy cute. miss and love you noelle!

  4. you look wonderful : ) there is so much joy in my heart for you in this season...much love.