Sunday, June 17, 2012

baklava & nostalgia

the other day i ran across this blog
and found these posts from his trip to istanbul.
i almost wept it made me so happy.
i just wanted to step through the computer screen and chat with all those lovely people in the pictures. 
istanbul has got to be one of my most favorite places of all time.
so rich and full of history. untouched and authentic. 
after that wave of nostalgia i decided to follow his recipe for chocolate hazelnut baklava with cardamom + honey syrup. my pictures (obviously) are not as stunning, but my baklava turned out quite nice. if i use this recipe again i'll probably omit the lemon in the syrup.
and of course, what is baklava without chai?
special thanks to my husband for letting me hall back enough turkish tea sets to serve an army with :)


  1. i so sooo enjoy your blog. and those pictures are wonderful. and i looove baklava!!

  2. These look amazing! I hope you are doing well! I am so excited for you both with your future addition to the family coming soon!=) Many blessings and prayers!

  3. can you make that really unhealthy azeri dish for us again? that was delightfully buttery. i see you used one of your little azeri rugs for placement :) i would have done the same thing. oh, and we also have zucchini growing out of our ears in our garden now. i'm looking into lots and lots of zuc recipes.