Wednesday, July 4, 2012

garden to table

zucchini bread has got to be one of my favorite baked treats, especially in the winter.
but our plants are producing TONS, so we're enjoying it through the summer too.
i normally stick with the basic spiced zucchini bread, but i decided to try something different since we have plenty of zucchinis to spare. 
i went with this recipe for lemon zucchini loaf + lemon glaze and i really liked how it turned out
it freshens things up a bit for the summer.
the glaze was super simple, powdered sugar + lemon juice and viola
who knew it was so easy to make lemon glaze? probably everyone but me.
glaze just makes everything look fancy, doesn't it?

happy 4th everyone!


  1. yum : ) so tasty. wish I could enjoy a slice with you!

  2. zucchini zucchini everywhere! we have so much! i was just going to make a post that included a tid bit about zuc bread :) you can do so many things with that veggie! my mom said she borrowed a cook book once that was entirely zuc recipes.

  3. Yum, Yum, Yum! Those zucchini's look delicious! And the bread, way to go homemaker Noelle! <3