Friday, July 6, 2012

goo ball // 25 weeks

well someone is starting to get impatient, that is for sure.  
now, i'm ready to beat people off with a stick until a good full 42 weeks if I have to :)
but i'm just so ready for this little goo ball to be in my arms!!
it's interesting, i never thought much about connecting with my baby inside the womb.

in those first weeks when pregnancy was so new, i was almost scared to acknowledge it for fear of losing it. but when my baby started growing so did the heart of a mother and that's something i've only just begun to understand. 

i think the same is true of any woman who has cared for a child and had them call her mother.
near far past present biological or adopted.

i am a mother. wearing my baby on the inside.
and i will never not be a mother again.


  1. Noelle, I am loving watching you become a mother. It's beautiful to behold! I just wish I could see you in all your cute pregnant glory in person. :-) --Bethany

  2. oh my goodness!! those lil swim suits are tooooo cute. look at that belly of yours! she is definitely taking up as much space as she wants :)

  3. : ) so wonderful...there's so much ahead of you...i am bursting for you