Saturday, July 7, 2012

sweet saturday mornings + a video

music by jolie holland

i love waking up early on saturday mornings
bright, peaceful, no agenda
watering plants and drinking coffee
in minnesota we had a little routine of going to the farmers market
it was always buzzing with cheerful people, no matter how early

i really want to start a saturday morning family tradition, especially with little miss on the way
whether it be going out for donuts or staying in to make waffles

any ideas for saturday morning fun?
what were some of your traditions growing up?


  1. Oh Noelle that is so precious and amazing and awesome!
    I miss those farmers market trips!
    Love seeing the updates :)

  2. oh me oh my!!! what a rowdy babe! so special! we always watched saturday morning cartoons and then cleaned the whole house haha. not the most fondest memories, but i did love the cartoons :)

  3. Noelle,
    Tim and I have started our tradition of every Saturday morning we get up early and go to the bloomington farmer's market, afterward we go to the park and play frisbee. I love the idea of the Saturday morning family will be especially lovely when little miss Hazel is here :)
    p.s. LOVE the video!! I'm glad you are taking photos and videos of the progress so makes me feel a little better about being so far away while all these things are happening!