Sunday, July 29, 2012

mt. pisgah + asheville

this weekend we took off on a little impromptu camping adventure.
we headed to the mountains of asheville and thankfully found a campground with spots left.
when we checked in we were told to be careful because they just had to close a section due to too much bear activity. fabulous. ryan was thrilled.
i was really hoping there would be somewhere to go swimming or wading or something, but we got beautiful views instead. and ryan saw beavers which was the highlight for him.
the next day we drove into the city and discovered a huge art festival going on downtown.
spontaneous can be pretty successful sometimes :)

p.s. we are at 29 weeks!!


  1. You're brave for going camping at 29 weeks... my back is killing already, can't imagine hard forest floors! :)

  2. this sort of makes me laugh considering what we're going to be doing in just a few short weeks. hope you still like camping after all this :) these are great photos. that banjo lady is fabulous. miss you friend.

  3. Noelle you are a beautiful pregnant lady, really, you look lovely!