Saturday, August 4, 2012

pitter patter

little heart beats are so sweet :)

i'll admit, pregnancy comes with its own set of aches and pains and added pressures on the body that aren't, you know, super fun to deal with.
there are some many days when my grandpa could most definitely beat me in a standing up contest.

but i don't think it's a coincidence that it takes 9 months. there is so much to learn about sacrifice and suffering and doing it well. with joy.

and what an adventure it has been.
growing a little human is the strangest most fascinating experience.
she gets the hiccups, stretches, sleeps, follows heat against my belly and does somersaults.

30 weeks pregnant folks. she will be here soon. then the real adventure begins :)


  1. this is the sweetest post ever!!!! i agree, pregnancy has been such an experience, so much learning and growing, crazy aches and pains, haha. but with so much joy. and i like seeing the positions you pointed out...that makes sense why i might feel sooo much action on the side of my belly. i always feel a little foot or something there. 10 more weeks girl!! so exciting! we have 13 to go here! yayyy.

  2. hi noelle .. love u so much & so excited that ur pregnancy is goin' well. thx 4 sharing the experience. i pray 4 both of u daily~! DAD

  3. You make me smile. Wish you all the best and praying for you...Shelly : )

  4. beautiful...absolutely thrilled for you guys!

  5. oh Noelle, I can't wait to meet Hazel. she is going to be so lovely!