Wednesday, August 29, 2012

31 weeks

doing a little backtracking - currently i'm 33 weeks (!!!)
little miss has grown quite a bit since these pictures.
you know that feeling you get when you go on a trip and then you wake up in the morning and the first few moments are spent remembering where you are?
ever since i got pregnant i've woken up feeling that way, remembering i'm pregnant.
but a few weeks ago i woke up and in those first drowsy seconds i thought, oh my, i have to give birth. :)
it's obviously something i've thought a lot about and prepared extensively for, but still, pretty surreal.

random- like most birth junkies, i'm a big fan of ina may. she always makes me chuckle because she's just so blunt and has a common sense approach to things. here are some of her pregnancy/birth tips:

  • if you find you are complaining a lot, train yourself not to. it builds character. 
  • in general, avoid swallowing anything that's not real food. 
  • never lose your sense of humor. it's a gem. if you can't be a hero, you can at least laugh at yourself for being a chicken. 


  1. oh ina. those are some good tips. even if you do display loads of naked body parts in your books and say very spiritual statements about the most natural things, i still have mucho respect for you, ina may. anyways, your belly pictures inspire me to take good belly pictures. i haven't attempted it yet because i'm so sick of my wardrobe. problem.

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  3. That deleted one is mine I wanted to put my name on it so you would know who this is...
    I read ina may's book and used many of her tips for dilating while I was in labor. They must have worked, 5.5 hours of consistent contractions (the last hour and a half they were 3-4 min apart and we spent it driving to the birthing center) I got to the hospital and was 10 centimeters, they rushed me to the birthing room and told me I can have the baby now but the midwife was 15 min away if I wanted to wait to use the tub. (I hadn't planned on a water birth but after days of early labor and 5 hours of contractions warm water sounded wonderful!So I went with it) next contraction my water broke, 10 min later the midwife showed up got me in the tub and said next contraction push, 2 pushes and she was out. Easier then thought....Im glad I read ina's book.

  4. oh girrrrl i love ina may so much. someone told me she wanted pictures of nipple-shaped mountains on the cover of her "guide to breast-feeding" (which i started yesterday) but the editor wouldn't let her. just when i thought i couldn't love her anymore...haha. she's a gem!!!
    i love your pictures too!!! golly, i really need to take more. i have to tell my husband to snap them no matter how grumpy i get about it! :)
    we're getting close!!!