Wednesday, August 29, 2012

chicago and a wedding

me oh my. we have had an eventful two weeks. 

first virginia beach then back to south carolina then off to chicago a few days later. 
nate and nicola, two of our good friends tied the knot on saturday and it was the most beautiful thing. i wept like a baby, mostly because they cried a lot and crying people make me cry. i didn't even cry at my own wedding. in fact, i laughed down the isle. 

AND on the roadtrip up i turned 24!!
we stayed in a nice hotel to celebrate.
clean crisp hotel beds, bagels with cream cheese and coffee in the morning. it's the simple things :)

downtown chicago was exciting. we've driven by it a million times but never stopped because the traffic is insane. we walked by the WGNR radio building while they were interviewing some olympic swimmer dude. we don't have a clue who it was but by the large crowd forming outside i think he was a big deal.

we were hosted by a lovely family one night while we were there and they blessed us so much.
the wife turned out to be a doula who had all of her babies at home. we stayed up till midnight talking about things like tandem nursing and probiotics. and they had chickens. how perfect, right?


  1. chickens and doulas. perfect conversation starter for you. i bet that was a blast. their wedding looked beautiful in the pictures i've seen. chi-town is a cool city, i'd like to go again. glad you celebrated your bday!

  2. i LOVE the photos of chicago. how romantic.
    tandem nursing? oh goodness gracious let me tell you a thing or two about that :)

    ..but i think it would be so different and very hard to tandem nurse little ones that were not the same age, i'm guessing that is what you were discussing. that would be quite the accomplishment!

    blessings to you and your beautiful belly