Wednesday, August 29, 2012

virginia beach + the paurus fam

last weekend we took off to virginia beach for a camping extravaganza with the paurus fam.
it was one of those things we talked about doing a while back but never really knew would actually happen. but it did! and it was awesome. despite the fact that i was a goober and got the sunburn of a lifetime on my legs. i was semi crippled. anyone who saw me trying to walk surely thought i was in labor.

lindy and jake are one of our favorite couples.
they are steadfast. full of the spirit and full of truth.
lindy and i became friends our first year of school together after she and my dad had a heated phone conversation over my school account (lindy worked in finances at the time).
i ran into her one day and apologized for my dad yelling. looking back, i'm so glad he did :)

jake and i mentored a group of interns together for a year.
i was pretty excited when i found out we would be leading together because he is a crazy talented artist. it was like having a friend with a superpower. he was also roommates with my not yet husband and taught him some graffiti skills along the way ;)

anyhoo. the boys smoked their pipes and we ladies took our prenatal vitamins.
good times.

p.s. those are dolphins not sharks just in case you were wondering :)


  1. yay! these are great pics! those dolphins were hard for me to capture, way to go! this was such a fun weekend with you guys. we love you both so much and are more than grateful for your friendship. i like that jake's art skillz are like a superpower. it's true! it seems like he can do anything with paint! I would take Sid yelling at me all over again. It was worth it. :)

  2. LOVE that you shared this, LOVE that you all [six] were together. thanks for being so incredible at photography and sharing a glimpse into your now life.